Who We Are

We at QBO Create Build Develop solutions for your company

We care about delivering valuable technology oriented solutions to your business and your customers. That’s the source of our fulfillment and the measure of our success. And the great thing is that this mindset makes us a magnet for talented and principled innovators who want to do work that matters and improve their expertise along the way.

Our Mission

Our driving force is to leverage our core technical strength. We will grow in market segments where we can provide differentiated and value-added solutions to complex problems.

Our Vision

To embrace our role in the way of life of mission critical never-fail products and services and to behave in a passionate manner that will inspire our communities, customers, and investors.

Why Us

We empower our comunity to achieve great outcomes with technology.


Who We Are

We are compnay dedicated to make a better world for individuals, communities and governnment agencies in IT products, blockchain technology, Professional Cleaning services, Education, gaming, fashion/wearables and beverages through technology.

Our History

QBO was incorporated in January of 2013. Formed by an industrial engineer and an architect. We’ve started with a vision of a fresh look and a new way of being ourselves. We’ve always been fans of the technology. From the very beginning, teamwork and synergy have been vital parts of the QBO culture.

Our Core and Values

We are united by a common goal: lifestyle of the future. We carry an unwavering commitment to commitment, integrity and excellence through every product and service for clients through our most value assets. Our people │ Our Customers │ Our Products.

Our Diversity & Inclusion

Small Women Owned and Minority Business. It’s because we are different that each of us is special. Embracing and promoting diversity through different experiences. We are submerged in an inclusive culture that creates products that helps to build a better tomorrow.

Our Skills



Why Choose Us?


We hire the right people, we put them in the right roles and we create an environment employees that perform at their best.


We increase efficiency in all areas and we look for oportunities to scale.

Product and Services

We evaluate feedback from our customers, and maximize options to streamline sales.

Meet Our Founders

Every day, wee see our people living our values and caring deeply for our clients and for the communities where we live and work.

We’re driven by truly making a difference. It takes a special type of person to make this culture come alive

What We Do

As a service provider QBO has the experience and expertise to help your business meet your goals and objectives faster, with less risk. We offer IT server solutions, Blockchain, Consumer Electronics, Digital Platforms, Janitorial Services, Education and we are opening new markets such as clothing and beverages to merge it with technology.

Our History